WWT Coiled Tubing Tractors™

WWT Coiled Tubing Tractor Sets Record in Extended Reach Well (pdf file/320 Kb)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Well Depth:  28,257 feet
Problem:  Lock-up of the 2" coiled tubing occured at 21,980 feet, 6,277 feet short of TD
Solution: The WWT CT Tractor successfully delivered the MPLT tool string to 28,000 feet after navigting 5,780 feet of open hole. 



Conveyance of Coiled Tubing Tool Strings

Sakhalin Island, Russia
Job: 0401
Well Depth:     9,300 meters + TMD
2,600 meters + TVD
Problem: The conveyance of tool stings carrying perforating guns and production logging instruments to TMD beyond that of the coiled tubing helical lock-up point.
Solution: The WWT International Inc. Intervention Tractor, developing 8,500 lbs. of force and installed at the end of the coiled tubing, was able to deliver tool strings to the desired location on 5 runs into the well, accumulating over 4,300 meters of walking distance at up to 17 ft. per minute.

WWT International Inc. 3-3/8-Inch Coiled Tubing Tractor Facilitates Well Cleanout and Bridge Plug Removal (pdf file/115k)

Problem:  Operator tried unsuccessfully with competing tractors to perform well cleanout and remove composite bridge plugs to achieve target depth.
Solution: The WWT International CT Tractor was used successfully to convey the coiled tubing beyond lock-up, perform a balldrop and open up a circulation port at TD, and enable milling of composite bridge plugs left over from fracing operations.