Proven Solution for Casing Wear

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRP) prevent casing wear by creating a standoff between the tool joint and the casing.  The rotating tool joint can severely wear the casing, resulting in damage, expensive repairs, tie-backs and downtime.  Installing a WWT Protector directly above the tool joint prevents tool joint contact.  Installing WWT NRPs on each joint of pipe in the high contact areas of the wellbore provides optimal casing protection for every hole section where applied.  If contact forces exceed the side-load rating for an individual assembly, another can be installed to share the load, thereby allowing any measure of contact force to be accommodated.  Placement flexibility, along with no added connections, keeps operations simple and safe.  In addition there is no need to remove and store the Protectors each time you pull out of hole. Simply manipulate the protected drillpipe to maintain continued placement in the critical zones of the well.

The above graph represents the ditch magnet metal-collection weight over 27 12-hour intervals (13.5 days).  After WWT Non-Rotating Protectors were installed, the amount of metal recovered was drastically reduced, eliminating the operator’s casing wear concerns.

“Metal recovery was drastically reduced after we began
using WWT Protectors.”