The WWT International group of companies was founded on its ability to transform ideas into custom solutions for the specialized applications of our customers. In fact, custom design services are at the very heart of our corporate culture, and they are the reason we are an industry leader today.

Our depth of oil and gas industry experience, engineering expertise, and commitment to the highest level of product excellence enable us to customize our existing products or develop new ones to solve the complex challenges facing our customers. 

The WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS) is just one example of how our Custom Design Services work in partnership with our customers.

A customer wanted to use a WWT CT Tractor™ to deliver stimulation fluid across a formation beyond the lockup of unassisted coiled tubing. Operating the Tractor requires high differential pressure and therefore, restrictive pump rates. However, pumping the stimulation treatment through a restrictive tool is not practical due to the low pump rate and large volume of fluid to be pumped. A ball drop circulation sub is required. Since commercially available ball drop circulation subs are single actuation, they have to be run out of well each time they are opened and then reset before any further tractoring can be done. To overcome this problem, WWT International developed the WWT Repeating Circulation Sub or RCS. Unlike conventional ball drop circulating subs, the RCS can be opened and closed as many times as desired without any trips back to surface. This allows the customer to achieve multiple stimulations followed by tractoring back to TD.

The WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD) is another example of our Custom Design Services. In this case, a CT operator routinely encountered difficult sections where multiple motor stalls occurred while drilling. Motor stalls cost money in the form of increased operational time, coil fatigue, and wear to drilling equipment. In response, WWT developed the Anti-Stall Device or ASD, which monitors the performance of the downhole mud motor and helps regulate weight-on-bit to prevent motor stalls while maintaining bit contact with the formation. As a result, penetration rates are more consistent and there is less wear or damage to drilling equipment.

The WWT SS-658-XL Non-Rotating Protector™(NRP) was specifically designed and manufactured through our Custom Design Services to meet a major operator's challenging need. Multiple failed attempts to run a liner in an offshore extended reach well caused several days of expensive, non-productive time.  In analyzing the liner run attempts and characterizing a future well, a solution was proposed by WWT.  Running large diameter NRPs on the drill pipe above the liner centralized the landing string and reduced drag.  This allowed for increased push force at the liner.  The liner was landed successfully in the first attempt using the WWT SS-658-XL NRPs.

Our Custom Design Services Group has the experience and capabilities to develop products for other downhole applications as well. Contact us today; we are ready for the next challenge.