How does the WWT Coiled Tubing Tractor™ work? 

  • A: The WWT CT Tractor™ consists of two gripper and piston assemblies – one on the front and one at the back.  A control unit, positioned between the assemblies diverts fluid to each assembly in a synchronized manner. Increasing fluid flow causes the grippers to expand and engage the wall of the wellbore.  A piston is activated and drives the Tractor forward, pulling the coiled tubing and pushing the downhole equipment ahead of it. This sequence is then repeated, activating the second assembly.  (One assembly engages as the other disengages.)  The resulting motion is similar to that of an inchworm, providing continuous forward movement without damaging the casing or formation.

Q: How do I know if my operation will benefit from the use of a WWT CT Tractor? 

  • A: WWT International Coiled Tubing Services will perform a detailed, complimentary analysis based on the well profile, minimum restrictions, wellbore specifications and the operation that will be performed to determine whether or not the well is a good candidate for the WWT CT Tractor.

Q: What are WWT International Coiled Tubing Services' onsite requirements?

  • A: WWT International CTS brings all job and support equipment to the job site.  Our only needs are water and diesel.