Placement Recommendation

Prior to any application, WWT International Drilling Tool Services (WWT) performs a comprehensive analysis, with no obligation, to recognize adverse wellbore conditions and determine if WWT NRP™ will be a viable solution upon request. Client-provided information and analysis results are maintained in a confidential manner. Our engineers model the anticipated contact forces to make a placement recommendation based on the areas of the wellbore where critical contact forces are shown to exist and show predicted torque and drag with and without Protectors for benefit comparison. Typically, our NRP placement recommendation allows the full objectives of our clients to be achieved by identifying and providing protection for only the most problematic areas in the well. In addition to well analyses, our engineering department can provide other analytical services, including ECD, casing wear modeling, FEA, and drillpipe stress calculations.

Measureable Benefits

Depending on the application, and when used per our recommendations, WWT Non-Rotating Protectors provide significant positive results and are proven to:

  • Maximize energy delivered to the bit
  • Prevent casing wear
  • Reduce torque and drag
  • Increase ROP
  • Reduce buckling
  • Extend drilling operations in adverse ocean currents
  • Reduce stick slip
  • Prevent riser and production riser wear
  • Decrease vibration
  • Preserve casing integrity for future sidetracks
  • Minimize heat checking
  • Increase weight to bit
  • Protect drillpipe
  • Reduce surface equipment and drillstring stress and fatigue

To receive a free and confidential analysis, download one of the Customer Surveys for Well Analysis forms from the links below and e-mail or fax to your representative along with related well information. For urgent needs or if submitting after regular business hours, be sure to telephone your area representative. See the "Contact Us: Non-Rotating Protectors" web page for a list of telephone numbers.