WWT International group of companies has been helping operators to quickly drill horizontal wells for years. Pushing drillpipe around a 90° bend can cause increased drillstring friction, buckling and casing wear. WWT's engineering services and modeling experience allows us to create a WWT Non-Rotating Protector™ (NRP) placement recommendation that will effectively and evenly distribute weight and torque from the surface through the drillstring to the bit, resulting in increased ROP, and casing wear prevention, and faster drilling to TD.

WWT NRP Benefits for Horizontal Wells

  • Casing Protection
  • Torque Reduction
  • Drag Reduction
  • Buckling Reduction
  • Increase Weight Transfer
  • Improve Torque Transfer
  • Increase ROP
  • Reduce Stick Slip
  • Reduce Vibration
  • Deliver More Energy to the Bit
  • Reduce Stress on Surface Drive Equipment

    “No further casing wear was
    seen after WWT Protectors were installed.”
    “Horizontal well saw ROP double with WWT Protectors installed
    throughthe build section.”