Solutions for Reducing Torque, Drag, Casing Wear, Buckling and More

WWT International group of companies has solutions for numerous challenging well types all around the globe.  Please select your well type: Directional WellsHorizontal Wells, Offshore Shelf and Shallow Water WellsExtended Reach Drilling (ERD) and Deepwater Wells to discover the benefits of WWT International's services to improve the performance and efficiency of your drilling and completion operations.

Since 1989, WWT International group of companies has been providing services to operators around the world, helping them overcome many of the challenging conditions encountered during drilling and completion operations, including torque, drag,casing and riser wear, heat checking and drillpipe buckling. The unique combination of our engineering services, proven WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRP) and long-standing experience enables us to provide fully supported solutions that improve drilling performance and completion efficiency by minimizing energy loss caused by wellbore friction, thereby optimizing energy delivery to the bit. 


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Applicable Conditions

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP) effectively prevent drillstring contact with the wellbore and riser. You may benefit from using WWT NRP if you are faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Deep Directional Wells
  • Extended Reach Drilling
  • Horizontal Wells
  • Unplanned Doglegs
  • Deepwater Riser Operations
  • Deepwater Sub-Salt Wells
  • Re-Entries and Sidetracks
  • Shallow Kickoffs
  • Production Riser Applications
  • Slow, Difficult Drilling
  • Deep, S-Shaped Wells
  • Underpowered Top Drives
  • Offset Well Heads
  • Casing Patches
  • Adverse Ocean Currents

WWT NRP create a standoff, effectively isolating the drillstring while preventing damage to the critical contact areas of the casing.

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In most cases, WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ will measurably improve your drilling performance and wellbore casing integrity. We take great care to ensure that WWT NRP will deliver maximum results by offering a range of engineering services, including:

  • Well analysis to identify critical areas of the wellbore where contact can hinder performance and casing integrity
  • Protector placement recommendations to achieve the benefit level required for each project
  • Ongoing technical support (24/7), both onsite and off, to ensure optimal performance and client satisfaction. 
  • Technical service instructions that address specific drilling conditions that may or are likely to be encountered during drilling operations.