WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD)

A patented tool in an oil well drilling assembly that controls reciprocation of the drill bit by altering weight-on-bit (WOB) in relationship to measured downhole pressure or torque.

Control Assembly (CA)

A component of the WWT CT Tractor™ consisting of nine hydraulic control valves that directs pressurized fluid to the aft and fore grippers of the Tractor, controlling speed and on/off capability.  Features an exclusive thru-bore design to enable drop and e-line pass thru.

Expandable Ramp Assembly (ERG or ERGS)

Expandable Ramp Gripper Toe Assembly (ERGT)

Exclusive feature of the WWT CT Tractors. This patented assembly features an actuator, an expandable assembly, a toe, and a roller mechanism that anchors the Tractor in the wellbore and provides movement through the wellbore by actuating and de-actuating the gripper components.  

WWT Recirculation Sub™ (RCS)

Support equipment designed by WWT International CTS for facilitating workovers in CT operations.

WWT Relief Valve Sub™ (RVS)

Patented component used to release pressure in CT operations.

WWT Flexible Casing Shoe™

To aid in the running of casing into highly deviated wellbores.