WWT International Coiled Tubing Services is continually developing support equipment to maximize operational options for coiled tubing customers.  Some examples of our design capabilities include the WWT Isolating Circulation Sub™ (ICS), the WWT Clean Out Sub™ (COS), the WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD), the WWT Anti-Compression Sub™ (ACS),  the WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS) and the WWT Relief Valve Sub™ (RVS).

WWT Isolating Circulation Sub™ (ICS)

The WWT Isolating Circulation Sub (ICS) is a flow rate activated tool that can be configured to be normally closed or normally venting.  It isolates sensitive BHA components during pumping operations and allows multiple pressure-activated tools to work together without damaging each other.

 WWT Isolating Circulation Sub™ (ICS) Specifications 

 WWT Isolating Circulation Sub™ (ICS) Specifications (A4)

WWT Isolating Circulation Sub

WWT Clean Out Sub™ (COS)

The WWT COS is a rate-controlled circulation sub which, when installed above a drilling motor, allows the operator to open up a low-pressure flow path to the annulus.  This additional flow path allows the operator to pump at rates greater than specified by motor manufacturers at lower pressures. With the COS in the open condition, up to double the nominal A/Vs are possible, resulting in better hole cleaning and fewer short trips for the operator. The tool can be cycled between the open and closed state without having to cycle the pumps back to zero rate.  The COS also saves wear and tear on the motor as well as other components of the BHA from motor vibration during hole cleaning.

WWT Clean Out Sub™ (COS) Specifications

WWT Clean Out Sub™ (COS) Specifications (A4)

WWT Clean Out Sub


WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD)

Made of non-magnetic materials, the WWT Anti-Stall Device (ASD) optimizes weight-on-bit, preventing downhole motor stalls. As a result, penetration rates are improved and there is less wear or damage to drilling equipment.

WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD) Specifications 

WWT Anti-Stall Device™ (ASD) Specifications (A4)

WWT Anti-Stall Device (ASD)

WWT Anti-Compression Sub™ (ACS)

The WWT Anti-Compression Sub (ACS) was developed to prevent compression damage to sensitive logging equipment run in front of powerful WWT CT Tractors. With the WWT ACS installed, compressive loading to sensitive downhole equipment is quickly and effectively controlled. 

WWT Anti-Compression Sub

WWT Anti-Compression Sub™ (ACS) Specifications  

WWT Anti-Compression Sub™ (ACS) Specifications (A4)

WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS)

The WWT Repeating Circulation Sub or RCS enables circulation ports to be opened and closed without pulling out of hole, allowing multiple stimulations to be performed followed by tractoring back to TD.  The RCS can be used in conjunction with a high-pressure jetting tool for abrasive stimulations. The circulation ports of the RCS can be opened after stimulating to allow for high pump rate wellbore cleaning.

WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS) Specifications

WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS) Specifications (A4)

WWT Repeating Circulation Sub

WWT Relief Valve Sub™

The WWT Relief Valve Sub (RVS) features a pressure relief valve and adjustable orifice to control pressure and flow on the front end of the coiled tubing string.