Solution for Challenging Casing Runs

WWT FlexShoe is available with different nose configurations

As wells get deeper and more deviated and budgets get tighter, the added cost of washing down casing or even not getting all the way to bottom is much more critical. These concerns are what drove WWT International's customer-focused solution that is designed to pro-
actively prevent this problem where experience and cooperative research has shown it to originate — the lead end of the casing.

WWT FLXThe WWT FlexShoe™ (FLX) is the guide shoe solution for challenging well designs, soft formations, ledges and any other wellbore deviation that creates resistance while running casing.

WWT's FlexShoe is a flexible casing guide shoe that leads the casing past challenging deviations.  Installed below the float, the FlexShoe reduces the force required to run casing through difficult zones and decreases bending stiffness 95% compared to steel casing.  Reducing stiffness at the lead end of the casing enables casing to be run faster, saving rig time and reducing the risk of getting stuck.

The FlexShoe is available with various nose configurations, can handle torque if rotated and easily interfaces with customer-supplied floats, premium connections and other casing running equipment.  WWT's torque and drag modeling and technical support is available 24/7.  Whether drilling deepwater, extended reach or horizontal wells, WWT's flexible guide shoe provides confidence to get your casing to bottom quickly — saving valuable rig time and even the well.

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WWT FlexShoe™ (FLX) Specifications

WWT FlexShoe™ (FLX) Specifications (A4)

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WWT International's New Casing Running Tool Has Successful Run in Deepwater GoM